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CESD’s work in the area of governance focuses on improving the government of Myanmar’s public sector policies, management, service provision, and accountability.

CESD also advocates for the need for bottom-up, participatory processes of governance and delivers programs to strengthen citizens’ engagement with governance and policy-making processes.

As Myanmar develops into a more modern industrialised society, it is essential to support more efficient delivery of public services, addressing key structural challenges in governance processes such as decentralisation, public administration, and relationships between national and sub-national government.

CESD broadly focuses on issues of decentralisation and public administration reform, both of which feature in the Framework for Social and Economic Reform (FESR) (PDF, 46 pages, 662Kb), and Myanmar’s 2008 Constitution. Using evidence-based research and capacity building programs, CESD works closely with government agencies and representatives to adopt and implement policies that strengthen sub-national administrative, political, judicial, and fiscal institutions, policies and processes.

CESD’s work also considers the efficacy and acceptability of local institutions within regions affected by long-running conflicts.

CESD’s governance paper series, jointly-developed with The Asia Foundation, explores critical topics relating to sub-national governance. The collection of titles includes natural resource wealth management, fiscal decentralisation, women’s political participation, business and education.

Governance programs have also included conducting assessments, organising workshops, and providing training sessions for sub-national governments, local development committees and other stakeholders to support the effective implementation of decentralisation processes.

CESD addresses governance issues in collaboration with organisations including The Asia Foundation, the World Bank, ActionAid, and VNG International (the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities).

Publications and key findings

View publications and key findings produced as part of the food security and rural development program, or produced as background material, here


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